Our base features, offered with every hosting plan:

  • pre-configuration of Java/Ruby/LAMP application from our library (including ALM, WordPress, etc.)
  • encryption and daily backup of application data
  • optional data export to client site (daily/monthly, depending on the application)

Additionally, we offer:

  • installation of 3rd party applications (e.g. SAS, SugarCRM)
  • migration to an alternate computer or host site (non real-time)
  • migration of the system to our client’s in-house IT group
  • application reconfiguration (growth or shrinkage)

benefits of AppHostCanada

Customers using AppHostCanada to host their business intelligence get these benefits:

  • all the data is transferred and stored exclusively in Canada
  • VPN options are available to guarantee data readability only at client and server
  • application data on hard disks are encrypted

Using our professional hosting services:

  • significant load is removed from the IT department
  • backups are automatic, included in our service
  • no training is required on high reliability O/S, application server, database server, clustering, load sharing, VPN
  • customers can focus their IT staff on employee support

Our datacentres in Toronto & Montreal provide secure, reliable and backed-up servers, to keep you online every hour of every day.

Explicitly, we do not offer training, application support, client-computer configuration or other classic IT services. These services can be arranged if required. We do offer setup and stability support.

Our fees are moderate, proportional to our efforts. As a rule, we prefer a monthly fee per active user (those employees who log in to use the application).